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Mosquito Control Service in Kolkata

For Mosquito Control Service, a professional team of local government departments performs tasks to control larvae and adult mosquitoes. Our community can also take steps to control mosquitoes in and around our locality. Mosquito’s bites can quite transmit a range of potentially fatal diseases, like Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya.

Why Is Mosquito Pest Control Services Important?

Mosquitoes are those dangerous insects that give you red itchy bites and they can also spread many diseases. To mosquito removal in your home, the best solution is to prevent them from breeding around your home and to prevent them from entering your home.

How can Pest Force help you with Mosquito Treatment?

Keeping mosquitoes away forever is impossible and it’s not a one-time action. Mosquito removal services are a tedious job, and you can trust our services. We are a top-notch mosquito pest control company in Kolkata. Our dedicated team works to deliver long-term solutions for your freedom from mosquitoes. Our experienced technical person inspects your premises thoroughly before starting our services.

Mosquito Control treatment

Mosquito control spray: For the individual home, we recommend the Indoor Residual Spray within their homes. We spray a colourless insecticide on the walls, and floors to kill mosquitoes.

Mosquito fogging services: We use thermal fogging applications of chemicals for outdoor adult mosquitoes. They all die in the air when they contact with this thermal hot fog pesticide.

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