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Rat Control Service in Kolkata

We provide high-level Rat Control Service to control rodent inspection. Rodents spread many diseases like plague, rat-bite fever and acute food poisoning. Basically, Rats are unwelcome visitors to our home. Rats also cause a lot of property damage. The teeth of rodents continue to grow over their lifetime, they need to gnaw on hard substances such as lead and plastic pipes, insulation material and electric wiring.

What kind of Damage can Rat in the Home?

That’s why you need rodent control. We are a professional rodent pest control company in Kolkata. We are highly confident in our rat control services.

How to get relief from Rats in the House Fast?

We don’t want to live with rats. We want to give you some tips, which can help you to rat treatment for your home.

Inspect your Home: Before rat extermination, you need to contact your professional pest control company. They find out where rats coming out from. Especially pay attention to check the drains, storeroom, Wholes of wall and floor. All are potential access points.

Seal the Gaps: Rats can squeeze their body, that’s why they don’t need a large whole. They can enter our house easily. So, we need to seal any gaps in our interior and exterior walls.

Clean-Up: Rats take shelter under furniture, behind walls, or in dark, seldom-used corners of the house. Without using poison, one of the best ways of rodent removal is to clean up them around your home and move all objects away from the wall.

How to get relief from Rats outside your House Fast?

You can manage your home, but it won’t last long if there are still rats outside your home.

Keep your Garden Clean: Rats don’t like open areas, that’s why they choose your lawn and garden for shelter. So, Garden Cleaning is the best way to rodent prevention.

Set Traps: A trap is one of the best options to kill rats instantly. Mind it, place the trap inside a box to prevent other animals from getting into the traps.

Use Baits and Poison Outside: You use baits and poisons only outside the home. Because it’s very powerful chemicals that can be dangerous. You need to read carefully the procedure of Baits and Poison use.

Why Choose Professional Rat Pest Control Services?

Pest Control Services companies are effective for helping you to manage rat extermination from inside and outside of the house. They work with commercial facilities to eradicate rats in an eco-conscious way.

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